How to Replace a Toilet

In some cases one may find out that his toilet is becoming useless instead of being useful. The toilet might be using a lot water in a single flash, it might be uncomfortable, it might be too old and you may need to replace it with new one. Most people think that the replacement work is tedious and tiresome but this task is actually very easier than you think. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the steps involved in replacing a toilet. For more information you should research a lot.

Turn off the water entering into the toilet and then remove the lid

This is to prevent water entering into the bowl hence becoming a barrier during the replacement time. Removing the lid enables you to access the inner part of the bowl and be able to remove the pipes and nuts tied to it.

Remove the refill pipe which is connected to the overflow pipe and then drain water from the tank.

This is to ensure that there is no water or attempts of water into the tank which and that the refill pipe is safe and can be reused when putting a new tank. Draining water ensures that the working condition is dry and workable comfortably.

ToiletDisconnect the water supply line and the flapper chain.

This to prevent wastage of water which can be flowing carelessly and not in use. Disconnection of the flapper chain to allow disjoint between the tank and the inner parts connected with it.

Remove the tank from the bowl and place it on a towel and importantly remove the caps sitting on the bolts.

This to allow replacement and placing on the towel prevents it from any form of damage. Removing caps sitting also ensures that they are not destroyed by bolts.

Loosen the grip of the bowl on the floor by rocking it a bit.

To make is easy for removal from the attachment. After removal the bowl should also be placed on top of a towel to prevent damage.

Remove rings of waxy from the floor and toilet and clean the area around it.

This to ensure that all the dirt is removed and the bowl and tank can be replaced comfortably and that they will work as expected by the owner.

Carefully place a new ring of waxy and ensure that it’s positioned on the drainage hole.

This to make sure the new bowl that will placed there will be held tightly and be positioned appropriately to the drainage hole.

Gently ensure you lock the bowl until it sits on the floor.

To make sure that it’s tight and strongly held to the floor so that it cannot bring issues at the time of use.

Assemble all the tools and involved parts in a reverse order as you took them apart.

This is to make sure that whole toilets is replaced to its original working condition.

Best Flea Treatment for Cats

Cats are wonderful pets – affectionate, loving, and independent. However, our independent feline friends do require help sometimes, including fighting off fleas. Unlike dogs, flea treatments for cats is slightly tricky due to their sensitivity to essentials oils and that they enjoy regularly licking themselves. Below are a few treatments you can use to get rid of those nasty fleas and enjoy cuddles with your cat again.

1. Use a Flea Comb
Flea Treatment for CatWhile your cat may be slightly sensitive to the lemon smell on a flea comb, it is far better than using lemon juice and fleas detest the smell of lemon so it will prevent them coming back. Comb your cat with the fine teeth, removing the pests as you comb. Dunk the comb in water after each turn and eventually you will remove all the fleas. The lemon scent will prevent the fleas returning.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
As with lemon, fleas despise the scent of vinegar or apple cider vinegar. You have two choices here depending on the personality of your cat. The first is a bath, if you can control you cat for long enough to get them in, apply the vinegar, and get them out before they run off. The second is to apply the vinegar using a spray.

3. Dry D.E. Shampoo
D.E. shampoo is an effective way of repelling fleas. While it is harmless to cats or humans, it is lethal to those pesky fleas as the tiny edges cut through their exoskeleton, causing them to die of dehydration. Make sure you only use food grade D.E. shampoo as any other is not approved for use on humans or animals.

4. Worms
Perhaps a last resort idea for many people, it is possible to purchase worms which are not harmful to humans and pets but killer for fleas. These specific worms seek out larva and feed on them, ensuring your cat remains flea free. It is a gross, but effective way to remove those pesky fleas.

These four treatments are very effective in getting rid of fleas from your cat. Should you continue to experience flea problems after trying these treatments it is recommended that you visit your local vet.

Princess Bed Sheets

It is important to you that you find a set of sheets that will make your little girl happy. You want to find sheets that you will be able to use in your daughter’s bedroom to help bring about a theme in that room. When you are looking for the kind of princess themed sheets that your daughter will love, you will find that bedsheetadvisor will offer you help in finding the set of sheets that are going to be best for the room. You can find a set of sheets that will look good in your daughter’s room and that will make her very happy.

Princess Bed SheetA little girl wants to have fun with all of the pieces that are used in her bedroom, with the furniture, the decor, and with the bedding. Your little girl wants her bedroom to be something that is special to her, something that is filled with things that she loves. You want your daughter to be happy, and you will set out to find all that she needs to make her room into all that it should be. One of the things that you must find is a good set of princess bed sheets.

Look for sheets with a design on them that is fun and colorful. Make sure that the sheet set that you are considering is one that is going to add a lot of color and style to the bed. Look for a sheet set that is made of a good material and that will help your daughter rest in a comfortable way. Make sure that the sheet set that you pick out is one that is going to last for a long time. There are many sheet set options out there, and you need to find a beautiful princess themed one that will make your daughter happy.

Tag Heuer Watches and Prices in Portugal

Tag Heuer is one of the most predominant Swiss watchmakers creating fine luxury timepieces since 1860. What makes Tag Heuer special are their ground breaking designs for classic watches, professional sports watches, retro-editions, as well as diamond and ultra luxury models that ooze elegance.

Tag Heuer has even gotten into the smartwatch trade, with “Tag Heuer Connected,” which is equipped with weather monitoring, directional wind monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit. Each feature in this connected timepiece provides a customize range of options for micro-applications and other smartwatch-inspired features. This true blend of traditional luxury watches and modern tech is a great example of innovation and bold new designs.

However, by far, the impressive collection of analog luxury timepieces is what Tag Heuer is known for. These collections are all beautifully designed and made with the best materials and have excellent features. The price tag on each of these timepieces range by collection.


The “Carrera” series is the contemporary sports watch that was inspired by the famous Carrera Panamericana Mexico Race. With 66 different designs for both men and women in this incredibly popular line by Tag Heuer, you can expect to spend between $1,500 for the classic 32mm brushed steel model, up to around $8,450 for the “Calibre 7 Automatic.”

The “Aquaracer” series is the essential sports watch that was inspired by the aquatic world. This collection has additional water-inspired features that anyone spending time on the water will love. With 44 different designs for men and women, this great line by Tag Heuer can cost you anywhere from: $1,300 for the “Aquaracer Lady 300 M 27mm” to the “Aquaracer Lady 300 M 32mm” for $6,200.


The “Aquaracer” series is predominantly made for ladies, with 40 out of the 44 designs made for women. The four men’s watches in this series are all 40.5mm “Calibre 5” 300M Automatic watches, which vary in color design but all cost $2,150.

One of the coolest collections Tag Heuer boasts is the “Grand Carrera” line, which is the premium collection that is the ultra luxury equivalent to the already-luxurious “Carrera” line. This small collection boasts two incredibly bold and beautiful designs that fit right into the racing world.

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The “Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS Caliper Automatic Chronograph 43mm” will cost you around $10,800, and the equally gorgeous “Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2 Automatic Chronograph 43mm” will set you back $8,550.

The “Monaco” series is a great throwback to Tag Heuer’s first Automatic Chronograph in 1969, which featured the first square waterproof case. The modern Monaco is still revolutionary with the Monaco V4, the world’s first timepiece with a belt-driven transmission. With the same beautiful square dial face, the “Monaco” is a perfect for those seeking something different from the rest.


There are 7 design options for the Monaco, ranging in dial designs and band colors. One of the most beautiful models is in fact the cheapest of the collection, which is the “Monaco Calibre 6 Automatic Watch Full Black 37mm” for $3,700. The most expensive will cost you ten thousand dollars more–the “24 Calibre 36 Automatic Chronograph 40.5mm” costs around $13,550 retail.

The “Formula 1” series, also known as the “F1” series, is a collection of 35 designs inspired by Formula 1 racing. One of the most affordable timepieces by Tag Heuer sits in this collection–the “Tag Heuer Formula 1 200 M 41mm” costs only $1,000 for this luxury timepiece. The most expensive is the “Formula 1 Steel, Ceramic and Diamonds 37mm” model, priced at $5,350.

The “Link” series will wrap up the Tag Heuer collection, with its cosmopolitan elegance and its famed S-shaped bracelet known for its ergonomics and sleek design. With 8 timepieces in the “Link” collection, the price ranges from $2,350 for the simply named “40mm” Link model, to $4,450 for the gorgeous “Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph 43mm” model.

Overall, Tag Heuer has a breadth of collections to choose from, with different design inspirations, different functions and features, and designs that will impress. The price range can be as little as $1,000 and as expensive as $13,550 for the luxury timepieces that sit in these impressive collections.

Best Portugal Wine Yards

We just love Portuguese wineportugal wine

Portugal is truly a country filled with excellent wines. It´s a must-visit-travel-destination for a wine enthusiasts out there. If you decide to sometime go there, here are our top picks for the best wine yards in Portugal:

  1. Adega Mãe – Located in Torres Vedras , Lisbon. This place is wonderful in all ways possible. The whole experience is mind blowing, wow i want to get back there..
  2. Adega Mayor – Located in Campo Maior , Alentejo. This place is always ready to share their wines. They always impress their visitors with the highest quality wines there is to find in the whole of Europe.
  3. Casa de Santa Vitória – Located in Beja , Alentejo. If you are searching for the highest quality and most expensive wine in Portugal. This is the place for you.

Does Portuguese Hotels have Memory Foam Mattresses?

So you’ve been waking up with a sore back every night? Perhaps it is time to replace that old mattress you have been sleeping on. Is a memory foam mattress right for you? Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane top rated memory foam, which responds to the heat and pressure from your body as you lay down. Here are some things to consider.

Benefits of Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam6Provides a truly unique experience as it conforms perfectly to your body, never too soft or too firm.
  • Due to the unique material, it offers support and pressure relief right where you need it.
  • Returns to its original shape so no permanent dips in mattress.
  • Does not transfer energy so bed partners sleep easier.
  • Memory foam mattresses consistently have higher customer satisfaction ratings than traditional coil spring mattresses.

Drawbacks of Memory Foam

  • The material can retain heat, which can be problematic in warmer temperatures.
  • Quality memory foam mattresses generally come with a higher price tag than traditional mattresses.
  • Movement on a memory foam mattress can be more difficult to the fact that you sink into the mattress more than traditional mattresses. For this reason they are not recommended for babies or very young children.
  • Electric blankets should not be used with memory foam mattresses according to manufactures.

So you have decided to purchase a memory foam mattress; here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Each mattress will come with a different amount of actual memory foam in it, usually layered over regular foam or perhaps even a coil spring mattress. This can affect the performance of the mattress so be certain to know what you are getting.
  • The density of the memory foam can have an impact on the life of the mattress with high density lasting longer so consider how long you wish the mattress to last.
  • As memory foam can retain heat, many manufacturers have begun adding cooling gels and inserts, so determine if this is something you would like in a mattress.

Without a doubt the best way to determine which memory foam mattress to purchase is to try out a variety. Don’t be shy about going to your local mattress stores and spending extended time on each mattress you are considering. With proper research, you should be able to find a mattress that will provide a restful night’s sleep for many years to come.

Car Warranty for your Portuguese Rental Car

What Is A Used Auto Warranty?

extended-warrantyAn extended warranty for a used car is a special type of warranty that covers both used and pre owned vehicles. These warranties ensure that your used car, truck, or van has the same type of coverage as a newer vehicle. Like regular warranties, There are several different types of used car warranties available. They offer different kinds of coverage at various prices, and finding the right one that is suitable for you and your vehicle is determined by various factors.

What Types Of Used Auto Warranties Are There?

Although used cars warranties tend to have less choices than their new car warranty counterparts, the task of finding the right policy still remains. The options are a mixture of different coverage.

First, there is the basic used warranty. Available in most states, both the dealer ships and buyers are allowed to sell their used car exactly as it is, excluding a warranty. A few dealer ships will offer a small warranty in order to sell their vehicle. These used car warranties are very basic and minimal and only offer about 50 percent of labor and parts for certain components that stop working. The warranty’s self life is very limited and will usually expire 30 days or a year after the used car is purchased.

An extended length warranty for a used car is very much similar to the extended warranty that is often used for newer vehicles. These warranties offer protection for costly repairs and maintenance fees that you may occur in the future. The warranty can cover up to 100,000 of the original miles, and can also offer coverage for serious engine failures or other mechanic issues.

The certified pre-owned, or CPO, is a combination of the bumper to bumper and power train warranties. Certified pre owned vehicles have quite a bit of extra coverage, which gives this warranty a lot of appeal to buyers. The certified pre owned vehicle program offers longer power train coverage for your used car, which can last up to 100,000 of the original miles. A few manufacturers will even offer you bumper to bumper warranties, which will provide extra coverage to most of your vehicle’s components and extras. You will also have access to road side assistance with all of these policies.

An implied warranty is a policy that is required by only a few states. These states do not allow a used vehicle to be sold if it is severely damaged or unable to run. For example, if a buyer drives a used vehicle that is damaged and it stops running, the mechanic can then prove that the car was damaged at the time of the sell, and the buyer has the right to make repairs.

Finally, there are after market accessories and replacement parts. High end stereos and high tech turbo chargers are considered after market accessories. These additional components are almost never covered by new vehicle warranties, and they will often void a vehicle’s warranty. On the other hand, replacement parts are parts that are brought and used to fix a damaged component on a vehicle. These parts often carry very limited warranties and may even come with mileage limits.