Does Portuguese Hotels have Memory Foam Mattresses?

Does Portuguese Hotels have Memory Foam Mattresses?

So you’ve been waking up with a sore back every night? Perhaps it is time to replace that old mattress you have been sleeping on. Is a memory foam mattress right for you? Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane top rated memory foam, which responds to the heat and pressure from your body as you lay down. Here are some things to consider.

Benefits of Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam6Provides a truly unique experience as it conforms perfectly to your body, never too soft or too firm.
  • Due to the unique material, it offers support and pressure relief right where you need it.
  • Returns to its original shape so no permanent dips in mattress.
  • Does not transfer energy so bed partners sleep easier.
  • Memory foam mattresses consistently have higher customer satisfaction ratings than traditional coil spring mattresses.

Drawbacks of Memory Foam

  • The material can retain heat, which can be problematic in warmer temperatures.
  • Quality memory foam mattresses generally come with a higher price tag than traditional mattresses.
  • Movement on a memory foam mattress can be more difficult to the fact that you sink into the mattress more than traditional mattresses. For this reason they are not recommended for babies or very young children.
  • Electric blankets should not be used with memory foam mattresses according to manufactures.

So you have decided to purchase a memory foam mattress; here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Each mattress will come with a different amount of actual memory foam in it, usually layered over regular foam or perhaps even a coil spring mattress. This can affect the performance of the mattress so be certain to know what you are getting.
  • The density of the memory foam can have an impact on the life of the mattress with high density lasting longer so consider how long you wish the mattress to last.
  • As memory foam can retain heat, many manufacturers have begun adding cooling gels and inserts, so determine if this is something you would like in a mattress.

Without a doubt the best way to determine which memory foam mattress to purchase is to try out a variety. Don’t be shy about going to your local mattress stores and spending extended time on each mattress you are considering. With proper research, you should be able to find a mattress that will provide a restful night’s sleep for many years to come.