Tag Heuer Watches and Prices in Portugal

Tag Heuer Watches and Prices in Portugal

Tag Heuer is one of the most predominant Swiss watchmakers creating fine luxury timepieces since 1860. What makes Tag Heuer special are their ground breaking designs for classic watches, professional sports watches, retro-editions, as well as diamond and ultra luxury models that ooze elegance.

Tag Heuer has even gotten into the smartwatch trade, with “Tag Heuer Connected,” which is equipped with weather monitoring, directional wind monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit. Each feature in this connected timepiece provides a customize range of options for micro-applications and other smartwatch-inspired features. This true blend of traditional luxury watches and modern tech is a great example of innovation and bold new designs.

However, by far, the impressive collection of analog luxury timepieces is what Tag Heuer is known for. These collections are all beautifully designed and made with the best materials and have excellent features. The price tag on each of these timepieces range by collection.


The “Carrera” series is the contemporary sports watch that was inspired by the famous Carrera Panamericana Mexico Race. With 66 different designs for both men and women in this incredibly popular line by Tag Heuer, you can expect to spend between $1,500 for the classic 32mm brushed steel model, up to around $8,450 for the “Calibre 7 Automatic.”

The “Aquaracer” series is the essential sports watch that was inspired by the aquatic world. This collection has additional water-inspired features that anyone spending time on the water will love. With 44 different designs for men and women, this great line by Tag Heuer can cost you anywhere from: $1,300 for the “Aquaracer Lady 300 M 27mm” to the “Aquaracer Lady 300 M 32mm” for $6,200.


The “Aquaracer” series is predominantly made for ladies, with 40 out of the 44 designs made for women. The four men’s watches in this series are all 40.5mm “Calibre 5” 300M Automatic watches, which vary in color design but all cost $2,150.

One of the coolest collections Tag Heuer boasts is the “Grand Carrera” line, which is the premium collection that is the ultra luxury equivalent to the already-luxurious “Carrera” line. This small collection boasts two incredibly bold and beautiful designs that fit right into the racing world.

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The “Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS Caliper Automatic Chronograph 43mm” will cost you around $10,800, and the equally gorgeous “Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2 Automatic Chronograph 43mm” will set you back $8,550.

The “Monaco” series is a great throwback to Tag Heuer’s first Automatic Chronograph in 1969, which featured the first square waterproof case. The modern Monaco is still revolutionary with the Monaco V4, the world’s first timepiece with a belt-driven transmission. With the same beautiful square dial face, the “Monaco” is a perfect for those seeking something different from the rest.


There are 7 design options for the Monaco, ranging in dial designs and band colors. One of the most beautiful models is in fact the cheapest of the collection, which is the “Monaco Calibre 6 Automatic Watch Full Black 37mm” for $3,700. The most expensive will cost you ten thousand dollars more–the “24 Calibre 36 Automatic Chronograph 40.5mm” costs around $13,550 retail.

The “Formula 1” series, also known as the “F1” series, is a collection of 35 designs inspired by Formula 1 racing. One of the most affordable timepieces by Tag Heuer sits in this collection–the “Tag Heuer Formula 1 200 M 41mm” costs only $1,000 for this luxury timepiece. The most expensive is the “Formula 1 Steel, Ceramic and Diamonds 37mm” model, priced at $5,350.

The “Link” series will wrap up the Tag Heuer collection, with its cosmopolitan elegance and its famed S-shaped bracelet known for its ergonomics and sleek design. With 8 timepieces in the “Link” collection, the price ranges from $2,350 for the simply named “40mm” Link model, to $4,450 for the gorgeous “Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph 43mm” model.

Overall, Tag Heuer has a breadth of collections to choose from, with different design inspirations, different functions and features, and designs that will impress. The price range can be as little as $1,000 and as expensive as $13,550 for the luxury timepieces that sit in these impressive collections.